China Business Advice


Lecturer’s Resume.

--Co-founder of Foshan Institute of Ceramic Industry
--Guest Professor of Xiamen University of Technology 
-- Vice President of Foshan Foreign Language Society 
--Working in a SIEMENS company for 14 years, both international and domestic experiences.
--career: SOE , MNC, SME, consultant, entrepreneur.
About the course.
The lecturer  takes  advantage of  his  Comprehensive experiences in international and domestic marketing  both in the multinational Top 500 and local private companies,   as a professional employee  as well as the entrepreneur.
The cases  are handpicked by the lecturer’s  personal experience,  genuine, fresh and updated to highlight  the practices of foreign and local companies alike.
By providing the  updates of the latest development in the China market, as well as its clients,  both  corporate and personal,  the lecturer will  also engage the audiences with a lot of interactivity and Q & A  session.
The audiences can obtain the first hand  analysis on the success and failing factors  of  entering and developing business in China.  What you gain is not just paper or theory because everything in the class is as practical as the Kongfu of Bruce Lee, the town-mate of Ken Huo.
About the Lecturer, Mr. KEN HUO
--Co-founder of Foshan Institute of Ceramic Industry
--Guest Professor of Xiamen University of Technology 
--Vice President of Foshan Foreign Language Society 
--Working in a SIEMENS company for 14 years, both international and domestic experiences.
--Career path as professional in  SOE , MNC, SME ( private) , and independent trainer &  consultant, and now as an  entrepreneur for 2  startup companies.
Trainee’s feedback:
-- It’s brilliant! I found the training not only fascinating but also engaging! We all were impressed.
-- I am mind-blown!
--Edward, thank you so much, Ken is the best! Never had a better lecture on China. He didn’t tell any bullshit. Pure wisdom.
--I will be biggest promoter if that’s not against your and Mr. Huo’s perception.
Comments by Dr. Mike Ivanof, Canada on Ken's unique strength
1. Very knowledgeable about the eco/culture elements about China;
2. Excellent ability to express these ideas effectively with expatriates  in English and conduct the dual way communication / discussion with the audience. ( eg. very few can communicate better than Ken about the China issues, even though many local people can speak fluent English.
3. Easy to understand from the expatriates perspective. Even for frequent travelers in China, the country remains “unknown”  in many aspects, or a “mystery” to certain degree.
Part 1. The road to finding Truth for right partner. 
Part 2. Marketing strategy -“Make your name”  in China context. 
Part  3. policies /technocrats , and public information. 
Highlight of the course.

--Perception of your country in China
--Your Rapport building 
Part 1.   The road to finding Truth for  right partner. 
1. Diversity &  complexity.
--Case.GT ‘s question for East China market.
--Product positioning;
--why is this area so special?
--Geography, History, culture, Tier 1-2-3-4-5 cities, customer preferences vs. other areas.
--“ if you fail, you have no chance in other geo- markets.”
2. Long term trust & updates.
--Steve L ‘s with his Chinese suppliers.
--Overseas Chinese project specialist keep visiting Asia’s biggest lighting show.
3. Face value & true value
--NHL’s dealer numbers.
--Mr. Liao vs. Mr. Yip. 
--public image knowledge vs. reality.
--quality of information.
--the value of face and safety. 
4. Profiling the top partners of   a world-leading branded Tech-firm Alfred, and X.D.+Y.O.
--Power of premium; 
--Open-mindedness, and quick learner
--Importance of the location &  developed cities;
Part 2. “Make your name”  in China context. 
Case. The Key Success and challenges of a North American brand.
--Relation between HQ and China JV;
--Members of the  core team ;
--Match of the partners, the strength , change of targeted markets, and productivity; 
--the Active CEO and the benefits.
Challenges and lessons.
--The equilibrium between Chinese and Western culture in designs;
--The local dealer’s troubles;
Part  3. policies /technocrats , and public information. 
• Mike’s JV . The answers from two lawyers. 
• Prone-business or bureaucracy. A tale of two towns. 
--Laws and regulations;
--Perspective of  Cities and Departments,  Functions, comparative strengths.
--The Dynamics of country .
1. Secret formula of panacea?
The localized citizen, a constructive contributor for China. 
2. Advice
--Always there is a right partner “Right here waiting for you”.  Even for local Chinese. 
--Public information as good reference. 
--Use the  right agency. Professional industry insider , local at the provincial or even city level , reputable. 
--EG. O brand entry into China. 
3. Challenges ahead,  awaiting your answers
--Perceived values. 
--Myths or misunderstanding.