Headquarter: North Italy


    Shareholders: One shareholder with 55% and a minority shareholder with 45%


    Company Description: The Company is leader in the production of DC-AC engines and generators, with more then 45 years of engineering know-how applied to tech innovation and personalization of the product.
    The company is provided of digital instruments for mechanic and electric analysis, painting booth, tank for vacuum impregnation, lifting equipment up to 120 tons and testing room for power up to 3,000 kW.


    Industry sector and main products:
    DC engines until 2500 kW
    DA engines for inverter supply until 1500 kW
    Motors and synchronous generators for permanent magnets
    Winches for lifts


    In order to satisfy its clients the company developed specific products for companies that process metal, plastic and rubber, minerals extraction plants and paper plants.

    Worth of notice, the company developed permanent magnet tech to apply in the energy sector, specifically in the Eolic one. Customized synchronized generators were developed for mega wind turbines plants, with performances above the average. In the rail sector the company provides personalized engines, auxiliary engines, traction motors, engines for test bench and coils.


    Income Structure (client, region, product line): 48% Italy 52% rest of the world;Engine represent 85% of the business, 8% parts, 4% wind turbines, 3% repairs.


    Technical Strengths:
    45 years of know-how, high level of customization, experience in working with foreign countries.


    Type of agreement interested in and reason:
    The minority shareholders want to sell his shares, 45%. It is possible that in the future the majority shareholder will be available in selling part of its shares and yield the majority.

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Contact:Nicholas Zhou

Tel:86 591 87678231


Address:Room 603, Building A, Tianyuangang Center, C2, East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing,100020,CHINA

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