Type of agreement interested in and reason:
    [TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER] While the company was profitable, all the companies source of its raw material failed in the last years. The company is then forced to close and to liquidate its asset for ceased activities. Specifically the company is now liquidating its “copper recovery waste implant”.

    Share to sell and its price: 750.000 euro, equal to 6.412.794 rmb


    Year of establishment: 1994


    Company Description:
    The company used a technological system for the recovery of precious metals (non ferrous) derived from non-toxic and un-harmful, Industries that produce electronic boards on an industrial scale.


    Industry sector and main products:
    The company was founded in 1994 by engineers and technicians from industrial design companies of considerable importance. The company, now owner of the site in the province of Bergamo, is not a big company mainly because of difficulties in finding "raw material": the facility which could work about 3,000 tons per year (capacity), works on average 1,000 with a turnover which does not reach one million euro.


    Technology employed:
    The process of transformation is exclusively a mechanical, cold and dry, so it does not require heat input and does not use any water or solvents, or chemicals of any sort. 
    All the process machines, operating in continuous and discontinuous way, and all the auxiliary equipments of the plant are maintained in a constant vacuum from a centralized system of suction to prevent the propagation of dust inside the production unit.
    The productive unit occupies a total area of about 300 covered square meters, surfaces as well as a surface destined for storage.


    Type of Raw Material: 
    Scraps of laminate coming from industry for running boards made up of fiberglass and epoxy resin, coated on one side and / or both sides of a sheet of copper, which is the basis for the construction of cards PCB (called FR4).


    Productive capacity:
    2800/3000 tons. / Year (considering that 220 working days on a 8 h / day would have an average production of 1.6 / 2 tons. / H in power).


    Primary Product: 
    Copper Granules - purity 94/96% CU ^ First choice
    Copper Granules - purity 84/86% II ^ Second choice
    Unified Resin – MPS in accordance with EN 10667-13 specifies is used to recover as a feedstock for the production of other products.

    20% of granulated copper
    40% of resin Unified
    40% of resin dust

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